Cervetto Craftsman Club Minutes


6:25pm Meeting called to order by Pr. Mike Fromosky; present: Dave Wilkinson, Art Enders,  Butch Moore, Ron Vazquez, Jim Savine, Jr, Jim Blackburn, Lee Morey, Harry Anderson, James Comis, Joe Muggelberg, Eric Haug, Ray Connolly, Tom Patch, Chris Fatovich, Dean Adam, Tyler Moore, Ed Costa, Frank Astemborski, Bob Golomb, Ed Costa, Arnaldo Cruz, Dhun Patel, John Headley Sr. & Ed Sink present.

Treasurer Report

Dave Wilkinson, bills paid. Approximately 2,500.00 available  


Donation request from American Legion for “COTA” children’s organ transplant association. 

MOTION: Jim Blackburn donate $100.00 2nd Chris Fatovitch; passed

FROM GL: suicide prevention program Sept 19 @ Olive Branch Lodge- secretary for details

Date change” GM Shoot to Sept 9th

OES #54 Doo Wop Dance- sept 16th 5 to 9

GL announcing various Hurricane relief efforts American Legion

COTA Benefit concert Oct 15th- 12n to 6 PM

Old Business

Mike F. Masters Dance 11-4-17 Halloween Breakfast October 29

EMERGENT: hurricane Harvey pancake breakfast Sept 16th   

Ed S. Discusses Decoy Show goes over Thursday to Sunday schedule Pretzels 600 & 400 To research purchasing in Manahawkin

Price new griddle for eggs  

WB Cruz Discussed our newly acquired pizza concession. After “pizza discussion” MOTION: Arnaldo to trial 60 pizza sale this year 2nd Art; passed.  (Arnaldo to research logistics)  

Arnaldo Discussed building progress re: fire inspection.  Br. Daum has completed blueprints, same were examined by building inspector and fire marshall.      

Dave W. Raffle report- 2017 will have tickets by next craftsman meeting. Copy Rite printing still able   

Eric He thanks and praises Br. Savine & Muggelberg for their work in completing the Lodge door & window installation.  He also thanked Br. Tom Patch for the installation of the Lodge floors and all for their hard work.  Br. Sink added WB Cruz and Br. Wilkinson for all their work and coordination of the repairs reference the fire marshals. (deserved applause from all!)

New Business

Mike F. Discusses further logistics re: Harvey breakfast- Arnaldo – sausages, Ed S. Paper goods, Doug S. – Eggs; Arnaldo advises he will get tents & tables for outside dining.  Ed S to research new griddle.  Mike F. volunteers his outside griddle   

Ed Costa Discusses Masters Dance and Add Book.


Next meeting Tuesday October 3, 2017       6:30PM  

7:21pm  Motion to close; John Headley Sr., 2nd Br. Chris F.; all yeas except Ed S.-nay