Cervetto Craftsman Club Minutes


May 1, 2018

1833 hrs. Meeting called to order by Pr. Mike Fromosky. Welcomes all and thanked for their presence.

Present: Art Enders, Dave Wilkinson, Glenn Fehring, Joseph Muggelberg, Ron Vazquez, Jim

Campbell, Jim Blackburn, Jay Mathis, Dave Fehring, Bob Golomb, Lee Morey, Jim Savine,

Chris Fatovich, Eric Haug, Butch Moore, Frank Astemborski, Ray Connolly, Ed Costa, John

Headley Sr. John Headley Jr, Dean Adam, Jim Comis, Rich Dutton, and Ed Sink.

Treasurer Report

Solvent, discussed building fund


Ed Sink- reads donation request from Lighthouse Alliance / PRHS Re “Community that

Cares” 5K. MOTION: Ed Sink to take $100.00 sponsor position; 2 nd Jim Blackburn;


Old Business

Mike - Discussed Price Breakfast- May 20th —tickets available Ed Sink & Eric Haug

Discuss Cuisine “dine to donate” April 23- cleared $600.00 for the building fund

Announced awarding of five $1,000. Scholarships, 4 to PRHS, 1 to MATES academy, Stafford

Ed Sink - Zonta spaghetti dinner April 20- No report as to results

Decoy show Sept 29 & 30—meeting begin of September- need food ideas by August

Eric - Thanked Joe Muggelberg for completion of sewer repair and coordinating with Dave’s Septic.

Next on agenda- clean parking lot and paint fire escape.

Mike F - Meeting for 200th to follow Craftsman meeting. Committees will be formed

Dave W. - Fire update- Tuckerton Boro Permit for sprinkler obtained—work to be scheduled.

Dave Fehring - T-shirt fundraiser generated $213.60, check to Dave

October 6 is Pinelands Brewery fundraiser

He will attend a horseshoe tournament at the LEH Community center to assess its value to us

Discussed possibility of another meeting at the brewery, well received, table for now. Sept.?

Chris F. - Firearms fundraiser @ Shooters, most likely will be on weekday after 6:30, still getting details

New Business

Mike F. - Semper Fi fundraiser is June 9, will coordinate with Tony Bowen.

Jim Comis - May 12, 1PM to 3PM will be dedication of Veterans Museum in New Gretna. 

MOTION: Dave F. - to donate $100.00 to the Veterans Museum, 2nd Eric; passed.


Next meeting June 5th 2018 @ 6:30PM

1924 hrs. Motion to close; Joe Muggelberg., 2 nd John Headley Sr.; all yea except Ed Sink; passed

200th anniversary meeting to follow- committees assigned.

Minutes recorded by Ed Sink