Cervetto Craftsman Club Minutes



Tuesday November 6, 2018

1825 hrs. Meeting called to order by Pr. Mike Fromosky. Welcomes all and thanked for their presence. Present: Dean Adam, Dave Wilkinson, Jim Campbell, Jim Blackburn, Jay Mathis, Dave Fehring, Lee Morey,

Chris Fatovich, Eric Haug, Butch Moore, Frank Astemborski, Fred Riley, Ray Connolly, Glenn Fehring,

Joe Muggelberg, Jim Comis, and Ed Sink.

Treasurer Report

Solvent, bills paid


Ed Sink  - American Legion COTA Letter, Thank you from Legion for donation

Old Business

Mike - Masters Dance update: Good time. 

Halloween Breakfast - Ed Sink discuss- need more participation.

Discuss distribution of “Florence” funds. Chris to research affected Lodges in Carolinas.

MOTION: Mike - add to raised funds and issue check for $1,200. When recipient identified; 2nd Dave W.; passed

Ed Sink - Discuss Christmas breakfast- keep as donation only or charge? Hand vote to keep as “free”.

Mike to follow up with Doug re: Santa and Eggs. Ed paper, Request 3 more box sausages from Arnaldo.

Dave W. - Fire update- building Advised that demolition will begin in January, kitchen will be closed.

Dave F. - working on brick fundraiser

Mike and he working on Cuisine “dine to donate”

Jim Blackburn - No new information on 200th at this time

New Business

Dave W, - Scholarship 50/50 raffle tickets available. 1st deposit has been made.

Jim Comis - Discusses that the museum is going to do an antique market at the New Gretna Firehouse May 4th Sat  with rain date of the 5th Sun., At this time unsure if firehouse will do food (as fund raiser) 

If not, discussed Lodge being sole food vendor. Tabled to January.

Mike - Discussed Installation repast (Tuesday Dec. 11th ) $400. Available to incoming Master for repast.

Breakfast at 8AM, Lodge 9ish for set up. Installation begins at 6:30PM. Arnaldo to order oysters. 

Eric undecided at this time as to non-oyster items.

Nominations are opened for 2019 Craftsman Club Officers:

President - M. Fromosky 

VP - Dave Fehring 

Treasurer - D. Wilkinson 

Secretary - Ed Sink 

Sgt @ Arms - Chris Fatovich

Nominations Closed after proper amount of time.

MOTION: RW Blackburn- since offices are uncontested, complete vote this evening; 2nd Fred Riley; passed

RW James Blackburn cast single ballot to elect 2019 officers as listed above.


1855 hrs. Motion to close; John Headley Sr.  2nd John Headley Jr.; all yea even Ed Sink; passed