Cervetto Craftsman Club Minutes



Tuesday April 2, 2019

1830hrs. Meeting called to order by Pr. Mike Fromosky. Welcomes all and thanked for their

presence. Present: John Headley Sr, Dave Wilkinson, Jim Blackburn, George

McGeoch, Jay Mathis, Lee Morey, Chris Fatovich, Eric Haug, Butch Moore, Ray

Connolly, Ed Costa, Bob Golomb, Ray Connolly, Glenn Fehring, Dave Fehring,

Tom Patch, Jim Savine, Frank Astemborski, and Ed Sink.

Treasurer Report

Solvent, bills paid


OES Grand Assembly 

MOTION: Ed Sink to Donate $50.00 to OES Wheelchair Olympic Fundraiser 2nd Jim Blackburn; passed

DeMolay State Convention Fundraiser 

MOTION: Ed Sink to donate $50.00 to DeMolay, 2nd Bob Golomb; passed

NJ Office AG LGCCC- Owe $60.00 for 50/50 raffle- check issued

Decoy Show- next meeting Sept 12, 2019

Hiram Dewey Clay shoot April 14th , Ed Sink for forms

Old Business

Mike - Scholarship forms due tonight

Easter Breakfast April 14 at community center, possible set up Saturday

Dave W. - Working on scholarship 50/50 for spring distribution

Dave F. - Discussed: Brick fundraiser- order forms on website/ pay pal; Sept 10 cut off

Need to make decisions on time capsule

NCAA fundraiser raised $110.00

Pinelands Brewery fundraiser- set for September 21- 12 noon to 4 PM

Ed Sink - Discuss possibility of setting up table at ZONTA vender Fair on May 11th

Chris F. - Kitchen- survey done, approving rough blueprints tonight. Need help Saturday

Jim B. - No 200th after CC meeting.

Mike F. - VUMMM vender fair in May canceled

New Business

Dave F. - 20th District report; setting up fundraisers to offset costs to Lodges. 

Comedy night June 21 st 8 PM @ Sea Oaks

AC Hospitality suite set up, more at Lodge meeting

Glenn F. - Discussed monthly Scottish Rite dinners in Collingswood and reunion in

Bordentown April 27th

Mike F. - May CC meeting date change to 3 rd Tuesday May 21, dinner at 6:00 PM RSVP



1925 hrs. MOTION to close by Butch., 2 nd Ray ; all yeah, except Ed Sink