Cervetto Craftsman Club Minutes


February 6, 2018 

1835 hrs Meeting called to order by Pr. Mike Fromosky. Welcomes all and thanked for their presence.

Present: Jay Mathis, Dan Gyger, Glenn Fehring, Dave Fehring, Bob Golomb, Lee Morey, Joe Muggelberg, Jim Blackburn, Jim Savine, Chris Fatovich, Eric Haug, Butch Moore, Frank Astemborski, Harry Anderson, Eric Line, Ray Connolly, Jim Campbell and Ed Sink.

Treasurer Report

Dave Wilkinson, bills paid.


GL “Town Hall Meetings: in February to discuss legislation.

Verdon R. Skipper Dyslexia Letter:

MOTION: Harry Anderson to donate for half page

add in add book; 2nd Jim Savine; passed

Old Business

Mike Easter Breakfast March 25 th ; tickets available form Eric and Ed S.

Ed Sink Zonta spaghetti dinner April 20, State Raffle license renewed to 2020.

High school Scholarships available; 

Dave W. Raffle report- will give update next meeting-

Mike/Lee Discuss MC &/or quad raffle- consensus-- - initial outlay prohibitive.

Eric Nothing in progress at this point- weather & cold; however, facility needs cleaning inside-

Thursday the 15th at 6:00 PM General cleanup at Lodge- pizza to be served

Jim B. Meeting for 200th to follow Craftsman meeting March 6th

Dave W. Fire update- sprinkler in progress- Working with contractor for estimate and drawings.

Dave Fehring discusses our fundraiser - it was successful to 200th fund.

Next fundraiser in March.

Bob Golomb New organ form OES#54- in place. Suggestions for old organ?

Chris F. No new information on possible shooting fundraiser

New Business

Ed S. Need to order bibles- MOTION: Dave Fehring to purchase bibles to $200.00; 2nd Chris F.;


Chris F. Discuss GL Reception on March 8, $60.PP, 

20th District request for Grand Lodge Hospitality suite


Next meeting March 6th 2018 6:30PM

1855 hrs. Motion to close; Bob Golomb., 2nd Harry Anderson..; all yea except Ed Sink; passed