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Free masonry has become the preserver of certain tradition and ideas but rarely do we question the values and qualities of these ideas. Various traditions such as wearing of aprons, jewels and arming officers with rods and swords. The ritual work such as opening, closing Lodge and the three degrees necessary to becoming a Master mason.

The ritual is what binds us together as Brother Masons and sets us apart from other fraternities. We will always strive for a “perfect

degree”. I feel this is just a reflection of what we desire to be as men and whom we are, always striving for perfection but being comfortable being the best we can be in every way.

The aprons and other paraphernalia are badges and symbols of who we are, good men always striving to be better and the best they can be. These badges are recognized by Masons and non-masons and symbolize we are always striving to improve as men. Freemasonry has always promoted fellowship, brotherhood and charity to all, especially the brethren. Freemasonry is founded on truth and the cardinal virtues.

What is Masonry’s greatest mission today? What should be the trust of modern Masonry? We are seeking these answers as modern Masons. Our success in finding these answers will determine the future of the fraternity, which in turn depends on membership. If you know of a good man, who would be interested in the fraternity and would conform to our values and ideas, talk to him of the ideals and benefits of Masonry. These are ideas all Masons must contemplate if we are to continue to be a benefit

to others.



                              Chris Fatovich, WM

                               Tuckerton #4

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