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I recently had the opportunity to speak with some people who were curious about Masonry, along with my involvement and position in the fraternity. One of the comments made was, “are Masons really that strong to think that you can take over the world?” It struck me first as a strange question but in thinking more about it, I

started to reflect on where our “strength” is really derived from.

Wherein does out “strength” lie? Is it in the number of dues-paying members or the number of sideliners present at our meetings? As significant of each of these figures may be, it truly goes beyond these numbers. Our integrity & moral strength is measured by the actions of each individual of our Craft. Our friends, family, neighbors and acquaintances judge Masonry and us by the actions of each one of us each day.

To those mentioned above and the world, we are the windows of our Craft. We are not trying to “take over the world” but instead utilize our “strength” as a group to make it better, one new member at time while also improving ourselves. Always remember the Master’s words that were spoken as we were placed in the North East corner of the lodge and let us continue to govern our conduct and act accordingly. Let us continue to remain strong among mankind and demonstrate positive virtues that can be emulated.


Eric Haug, Worshipful Master

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