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Our 200 year anniversary is only a few years away... Tuckerton Lodge #4 is one of the oldest Masonic Lodges in the State of New Jersey.  We are a strong and vibrant lodge.  I believe this is due to our focus on charity and our outreach to the community. 

Each of us as walked a different path but all these paths have led us to the Masonic brotherhood and in particular to Tuckerton Lodge. Most likely the brothers we have met here, we would have never met otherwise. Masonry has provided us the opportunity to know these men not by their status or appearance but by their hearts and minds. Each of us is dedicated to being better than we were before Masonry.  This is the essence of the Masonic brotherhood “To Make Good Men Better.” Our ritual serves to convey this motto and elevates us to be more compassionate, more understanding, more forgiving and more charitable.  

Charity is the essential part of Freemasonry and comes in various forms, whether it is helping local families in need during the holiday, supporting local charities, maintaining our ongoing scholarships, or simply donating our time and talents to maintaining the lodge.  Every brother in our lodge works from a sense of abundance… that together we can do more than we could do separately.    

As another Masonic year draws to a close, I am reminded of the hourglass...   

Behold! how swiftly the sands runs …how they pass away almost imperceptibly and yet in the short space of an hour they are all exhausted. 

We may handle and play with the hourglass: that is in our power, but the hour will not stay for us; and an opportunity once lost cannot be regained.  

Brethren, do not squander the opportunities you have to make a difference.  

WM Arnaldo Cruz

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