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2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month 7:30pm 

Except 2nd Tues in December - Closed June, July and August

Master's message

A Great Lodge

After receiving the honor of occupying the oriental chair and looking out over the lodge, you realize

that it is the diversity of men that makes us work. You learn how small one man is but as a group of

like-thinking, good men, how much more you can accomplish.

What makes a great lodge?

Not the building, although history always intrigues.Not the location, although being the hub of a

community helps. When we say form a lodge, it is not wood, stone or plaster that makes a ”Lodge”. It is 

the formation of men and of course masons. It is the diversified group of men that work towards a common goal,

whether it is the charitable causes that we support so strongly, if not financially, by man hours. It is

the unselfish support we offer one another when needed. Those strive for perfection for our ritual work. 

It is the dedication of our past masters, secretary and treasurer, of which someday I hope I can fill those large shoes.

It is our line officers so deep that you know that the lodge is in great hands for years to come. 

Then there are those that I call the “undercover masons.” Those masons that do so much to support us without being 

an officer or receiving any recognition. Looking back, it is all of these things that make Tuckerton Lodge #4 the great and 

respected lodge that it is and will be for years to come. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all for the 

support and hard work. You all are Tuckerton #4 masons in every sense of the word. God Bless.


Chris Fatovich, 

WM Tuckerton 

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