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The recent hurricanes in Texas, Florida and the Caribbean have provided a somber recollection of Superstorm Sandy and the devastation which occurred in our area.  Thank you everyone for their generosity and charity, in helping those affected by these hurricanes.

As we move into October, I am reminded of two biblical parables. The first addresses the question “Who is our neighbor?”  The parable of the Good Samaritan begins with this question.  In this parable a person is assaulted by bandits and left by the side of the road. Various people, who would be considered to be neighbors, passed him by but none helped him, until a stranger approaches him and helps. Thus the question is answered, a neighbor is one who shows mercy to others.

The second parable involves a man who was about to leave on a long foreign trip. Prior to leaving he called his servants to him and gave them various amounts of money, each according to his own ability. The servant, who was given the least amount, went out and buried the money, until his master returned. Rather than investing the funds and doubling the money, like the other servants, this servant wasted the opportunity he was given to use the gift.  Brothers, we have been entrusted with various gifts, let us be generous with these gifts and  be neighbors to everyone through mercy.

Fraternally, WM Arnaldo Cruz

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