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There are parts of a ship which taken by themselves would sink. Without the hull, the propeller and the engines would sink, but when the parts of a ship are combined, they float. 

This month our lodge pulled off one of the our finest Fellow Craft degrees yet. We managed to do this during an official visit (no pressure there). In addition, two of our key officers could not make lodge due to illness. Even with that, all our brothers stepped up to the plate and did well.

Tuckerton Lodge is very much like that ship. We continue to float because all thebrothers come together for a common cause. Whether that cause is the execution of a degree, the upkeep of our very old building, or the many charities we support so strongly. While doing this we also take the time to show our gratitude and respect to our widows and older sick and distressed brothers and family, as they are the ones who showed us the “light” to do this. When someone asks, “What is so special about Tuckerton #4?” tell them we are the old ship that stays afloat.

So proud to be a part of that old ship,

Fraternally, WM Christopher Fatovich

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