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About Us

Who We Are

Tuckerton Lodge #4 of Free and Accepted Masons has, since its inception in 1820, been involved in charitable work. It is our practice to offer assistance to anyone regardless of race, creed or nationality. And without anyone knowing when we as a fraternity, render that assistance.

Local Charities

Local Charities Our lodge supports the local food bank with funds and food donations. At Christmas, we assist local area families in need with food and gifts. Additionally, our fraternal organization has assisted other groups with similar goals.

The lodge also provides
scholarships to graduating
high school seniors

Three Stories

Scottish Rite NMJ

Meet Buck, Joyce, and Frank. Learn how the Grand Almoner’s Fund helped them rebuild after they lost their homes in a massive storm that hit the quaint town of Tuckerton, NJ.

Dr. William K. Mason

Dr. William K. Mason came to Tuckerton in 1813 from New Mills (Pemberton), New Jersey. Dr. Mason practice medicine in the Tuckerton area for 76 years. Ebenezer Tucker along with Dr. William K. Mason had been raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason in 1819 at Mount Holly Lodge #18. As far as is known these men were the first Masons to live in the Tuckerton area. In 1819, nine brothers from Mount Holly Lodge withdrew from membership for the purpose of forming their own York Rite Lodge in Tuckerton. Those nine brothers became the Charter Members of Tuckerton Lodge #43. They were: Ebenezer Tucker, Dr. William K. Mason, David Oliphant, John Collins, Brant Slaight, Isaac Hemmingway, Eayre Oliphant, Thomas Evans and Thomas Taggart. Ebenezer Tucker was elected Worship Master of the Lodge, Dr. Mason was Senior Warden, David Oliphant was Junior Warden and Eayre was Secretary and Treasurer.

Ebenezer Tucker

Ebenezer Tucker was a member of the Mount Holly Lodge #18 and was the driving force for the formation of a York Rite Lodge at Tucketon. He was born at Tuckers Beach, Burlington County, N.J., November 15, 1758. Ebenzer Tucker served in the Revolutionary War under General Washington at the Battle of Long Island. He was influential in making Tuckerton a postal town in 1798. He served as postmaster of Tuckerton from 1806 to 1825. In 1825 he was elected to the US Congress as a Representative for New Jersey.
Tuckerton Lodge #43

How We Went from No. 43 to No.4

Tuckerton Lodge #43 flourished until 1832, when all Masonic Lodges in the country were forced to suspend labor because of the Morgan Incident. Lodges were not permitted to function for a 10 year time period.
Tuckerton Lodge #43 continued to meet every week under the direction of Dr. William Mason and in their lodge room in the Old Union Hotel off of South Green Street in Tuckerton. Tuckerton Lodge #43 survived the storm through the efforts of Dr. Mason and Judge Ebenezer Tucker, who had remained faithful and through good stewardship were able to keep Tuckerton Lodge #43 from surrendering its warrant.
Tuckerton Lodge resumed Labor with on November 8, 1842. At the end of the recess, Trenton Lodge #5 had the opportunity to become Trenton #4, but declined as they were satisfied with their original number. Their warrant was one of the few to remain with the same number.

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